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약간 ~~했소 ~~햇네 같은 구어체로 번역하면 댐미당

퀘스트 관련 주요 NPC 혹은 지명이 나올경우 처음에만 (원문)을 붙여주고 이후로는 생략했어여


제가 한 번역 예제 :


Korir, my old friend, I write you with dire news and a warning that I urge you to pass on to your people.

A while ago, an Altmer traveler and mage by the name of Arondil settled down in Dawnstar.

I should have known better than to allow one of those gold-skinned bastards to remain in my town, and for that mistake we were punished.

Some of our men found the elf doing some macaber experiments on the dead of Dawnstar, and naturally we threw him out of town and banished him for life.

Though our troubles do not end there.

The cursed elf apparently sought vengeance on us, for in the months that passed,

several young maidens of Dawnstar reported seeing his contorted features in bushes, behind trees, or through a window in the dark of night.

It was then that the disappearances began, the young women of Dawnstar abducted, vanishing with nary a trace.


We have reasons to believe this necromancer Arondil is responsible, and that he has set up a lair somewhere between Dawnstar and Winterhold.

It is because of this that I now write you, Jarl Korir, to let you know that the people of Winterhold may, too, be in danger of this murderous elf.

Double your guards and tell your citizens to be cautious. How I wish I had run his body through with my own sword when I had the chance.


- Jarl Skald the Elder of Dawnstar


코리어 (Korir), 내 오랜 벗이여, 끔찍한 소식이 있어 사람들에게 전해주었으면 하네.

얼마 전, 한 알트머 여행자가 애런딜 (Arondil) 이라는 이름의 마법사와 함께 던스타에 이주해 왔다네.

그 누렁이 놈들을 우리 마을에 들이는게 아니었는데.. 실수의 죄값을 치루고 있는지도 모르겠군.

내 친구 몇 명이 그 엘프놈들이 던스타의 공동묘지에서 섬뜩하기 짝이없는 실험을 하고있는 것을 발견했다네.

당연히 그 놈들을 마을 밖으로 추방시켰지.

하지만 문제는 거기서 끝나지 않았네.

저주받을 엘프놈들이 우리에게 복수하려고 한건지, 지난 몇 달 동안 던스타의 아가씨들이 덤불 속, 나무 뒤, 창문 너머로 일그러진 남자의 형상이 보였다고 하더군.

그리고 그 쯤부터 던스타에서 젊은 여성들이 흔적도 없이 사라지는 사건이 발생하기 시작했다네.

네크로맨서 애런딜이 벌인 짓이 분명하고, 던스타와 윈터홀드 사이 어딘가에 그 놈이 숨어있는 것으로 보이네.
야를 코리어여, 이 미치광이 엘프때문에 윈터홀드의 사람들도 위험에 처할 수 있어 이 편지를 쓰네.

경비를 두 배로 늘리고 시민들에게 주의하라고 당부하게. 기회가 된다면 내 직접 그놈을 도륙내고 싶구만.


- 야를 스칼드, 던스타의 장로


대략 이런느낌임미당


[원본 esp + 작업한 사전 파일]


아직 번역 안된 부분이 엄청 많은데 대충 어떤 내용들이 있는지 알 수 있게 미번역 5개 뽑아왓어여



[01] Gone exploring


I am setting out for the old Dwemer ruins known as Fahlbtharz, which lie north of town, in case any of you are looking for me.

I believe I have finally located the legendary 'Visage of Mzund', so prepare to be amazed by the ancient craftsmanship of our Dwemeri kin.

I know I'm not supposed to be leaving the Bulwark, especially not to explore old Dwemer ruins, but I'm not leaving alone.

Eydis over at the Skaal village owes me more than one favor, and everyone knows she is a tough hunter, even if she is barely half my age.

With any luck, we will find more Dwmeri relics and treasure aside from the Visage itself.

You know how those things fetch real good coin at collectors back in Blacklight. Wish us luck.


- Ulyn



[02] Finest goods in town


If you are looking for fine goods and merchandise, look no further.

I have everything from potions to pitchforks, and will sell it all to you for a great price.

While I get most of my goods here from the f'lahs, I also do a fair amount of business with the Skaal up north.

Most of my excellent inventory, however, is obtained from Skyrim via the Eastern Empire Trade Company.

Get your Tamrielic goods fresh from the boats, both warm Skyrim furs, succulent imported mammoth meat or real nordic carved steel.

It may be made by n'wahs, but the quality is decent anyway.

I am afraid to report that I am all out of the East Empire Trading Company pendants for the time being.

However, should you have one or two lying about, see me and we might work out a deal.

You will find my modest booth at the Raven Rock central market.


- Fethis Alor



[03] Mallory's smithy


If you're looking to repair that old Bonemold armor, Glover Mallory is your man.

I know I'm no Dunmer, but you will find no man more capable of stitching your Bonemold armor together,

or forge you a complete new set with matching weapon.

Learned the craft from the best, you know, Vanryth Gatharian himself.

If you're into something more special, I have a recipe lying around somewhere for some improved Bonemold armor,

so let me know if you're interested. If light armor is more to your taste, I craft a decent Netch leather armor as well.

Just bring your own Netch leather, there's no way I'm taking on one of those bulls myself.

Gods know there is plenty of chitin to be found around here as well, what with all the Ash Hoppers lurking just outside the Bulwark.

I could stitch together some armor out of that, in either light or heavy style. Might even throw in some chitin weapons if you got the coin.

See me at my forge right in center of town. Usual business hours.


- Glover Mallory



[04] Have you seen Hrodulf?


People of Raven Rock, I ask you for your help, have you seen a man called Hrodulf?

He is an outsider, a Nord like me, and came here from Solitude a few months ago by boat.

He has brown hair of medium length, and I believe he passed by here in Raven Rock not long ago to buy supplies.

Please, if you have seen him, seek me out immediately.

Last I heard, he was staying somewhere on the southern part of the island, in some abandoned house.

Looking for pearls near the sea shore to take back home to Skyrim, or so he said.

I am staying at The Retching Netch, but I can abide this waiting no longer.

I will set out on my own to look for Hrodulf tomorrow, and Kyne will it we will be heading back to Solitude together on the next boat.

If Hrodulf returns in my absence, tell him to wait for me here.


- Bjornolfr



[05] Ienth farm and alchemy services


The Ienth farm offers Solstheim's most tasty ash yams for all your cooking needs, grown by your local ash farmer, Garyn Ienth.

Droops got you down, or Black Heart Blight rotting away at your innards?

Milore has the cure, and is trained in the curative arts of alchemy and potioncraft at the Skyrim mainlands.

Milore also offers a fine selection of Trama Roots and Scathecraw, picked here on Solstheim.

Trama Root gives spicy flavor to both your teas and home cookings, and has several alchemical properties that, along with Scathecraw, can be distilled by those with the proper equipment and knowledge.

Milore is also looking to buy any Netch jelly that those who hunt the Netches are able to extract from their bodies.

Be warned, however, that Netches can be extremely dangerous, and any hunters taking them on are adviced to bring some protection against their shock infused tentacles.


- Garyn and Milore Ienth



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